At Hybrid we’re focused on building independent digital media brands for a young, upwardly mobile and connected audiences in Asia, Latin America and emerging markets. The Internet is already the primary method of research for this market segment, and we’ll continue to tailor our content as new social channels emerge and as the influence of mobile, social media and search continues to grow. Between now and 2018, we plan to expand our current brands and develop several others.

James Craven, Managing Director

Our Story

Hybrid started in 2009 in Bristol, England establishing a team of journalists in 14 countries to launch Asian Correspondent. Asian Correspondent reached its millionth visitor within three months and began building long-term relationships with both universities and consumer brands to reach its young, upwardly mobile audience.

In 2012 Hybrid launched Travel Wire Asia and the first of its higher education micro-site platforms branded as Study International. By 2013, Hybrid had developed over 100 micro-sites for universities and generated over 125,000 student enquiries. Latin Correspondent was launched in 2013 with branch offices opened in Sydney, Australia. In 2014, we launched and in 2015 opened a further branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Now with dedicated and talented people in Bristol, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Bogota, Hybrid’s digital brands generate 42 million online visitors and 642 million advertising impressions annually. We have over 750 clients in 29 countries.

Our Vision

To create and distribute engaging social content across independent, influential digital brands


Hybrid management are based in Bristol, in the United Kingdom. We have branch offices in Sydney, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a team of experienced professionals working together to grow our business profitably and build our capacity for the future.

James Craven

Managing Director

  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • New Partnerships

David Doulton

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Brand Management
  • Investment
  • Growth Planning
  • Corporate Responsibility

Chris Cammann

Finance & Operations

  • Digital Finance, Advertising and Marketing Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Operations Costing

David Bond

Finance Manager

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Reporting
  • Financial Modelling

Clara Chooi


  • Editorial Management
  • Content Management
  • News Features
  • Freelancer Relationships

Farai Musa

Business Development Director

  • Business Development
  • Team Development
  • Account Management
  • Customer Experience

Emma Talbot

Sales Manager (APAC)

  • Business Development
  • Team Development
  • Account Management
  • Customer Experience

Gareth Hook

Sales Manager (UK & MENA)

  • Key Account Management
  • Commercial Partnerships
  • Exhibitions & Events

Elena Martinez

Production Coordinator

  • Discovery
  • Production
  • Client Liaison
  • Client Analytics

Corey Archard

Recruitment Manager

  • Recruitment
  • External Relations and PR

Christine McFadden

Digital Campaign Manager

  • Discovery
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Client Liaison
  • Client Analytics

Joelle Lazzarotto

Client Account Manager

  • Team Development
  • Customer Success